The Bolton Mill

The kit comes packed in a sturdy box including 4 vacuum packed cards containing all fully machined parts clearly laid out

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together with comprehensive assembly instructions, users' handbook and engineering drawings.

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The comprehensive instructions allow for easy assembly with only the use of hand tools. (A tool kit especially designed for this kit is available).

Technical Specification


Engine Frame
Aluminium alloy investment casting anodised and stove enamelled.

Crank Shaft
Five piece all stainless steel precision shaft.

Crank shaft and eccentric bearings for valve gear and boiler feed pump, together with big end, concealed, fully shielded ball type for long life and smooth operation.

Fly Wheels
Cast brass stove enamelled with electro-lacquered rims.

(19mm/19mm bore). Together with speed damper control cylinder steam chest and cover. All in precision brass.

Steam Seals
All glands, piston ring precision 'O' rings.

Drain Valves
Condensate drain valves fitted to both ends of the cylinder and steam chest, discharging through miniature pipe work into the drain sump.

Engine Lubricator
Displacement type oil lubricator with metering jet and drain down facility.

Boiler Feed Pump
Single acting pump. All brass construction with stainless steel ram. Maximum delivery rate is approximately four times the rate of water consumption.

Dynamo and Lamp
Lamp standard can be unscrewed for shipment, with easy lamp change access (1.5v 110ma). Belt driven dynamo with belt tensioning facility. Dynamo is of the permanent magnet two brush type. Fitted with diode bridge voltage stabiliser.

Flying ball governor. Fully operational but does not control engine throttle.

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